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Tips For Keeping Your Nails Beautiful and Healthy

Nails are more than shiny body parts that you bite or polish. They are actually used for a lot of things including peeling fruit, opening food items, scratching, attracting attention and for stimulating the skin. The look of your nails also gives people a visual cue about your health and your personality. If you want to make the best impression possibly you need to take care of your nails to ensure that they stay healthy and beauty.

There are several things that you can do to keep your nails healthy. The first thing is to keep your nails hydrated. You can do this by rubbing your nails and cuticles with a dab of petroleum jelly or cuticle oil. The second thing that you can do to keep your nails healthy is to wear rubber or latex gloves when you use cleaning chemicals and soaps. This will protect your hands and nails from the damaging properties of these chemicals. Next you can make sure that you dry your hands thoroughly after you do the dishes or take a bath or shower. This will prevent bacterial or fungal growth around your nails.

Trimming your nails is an important step for keeping them healthy. If you want to avoid ingrown toenails cut your toenails straight across instead of following the shape of your toes. When you are working on your fingernails make sure that you don’t trim your nails too short. Also don’t cut your cuticles. Instead push them back using a cuticle tool slanted at a 45 degree angle. Use polish to protect your nails from breaking and chipping. If you don’t like color on your nails you can always use a clear polish.