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How Herbal Massage Can Enhance Your Natural Beauty and Rid Stress

Not only is stress a silent killer, it is also the hidden element that causes you to have n aging appearance. It also robs your skin of its softness and its natural glow. Because you want to relieve stress which will in turn, enhance your natural beauty, here is the low down on how an herbal massage can do the trick.

First, let’s take a look at how stress affects your sin. One thing that stress is known for is that it depresses your immune function which leads to the increase of cortisone secretion. That allows free radicals to damage your skin. And, it gets worse.

Stress also affects your eating habits as well as your digestion. You know very well that knot in your stomach when you are under immense pressure. This causes you to eat irregularly, and it also causes you to lean toward fast food, coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. None of these do your skin any justice at all. As a matter of act, this also contributes to the ugliness of it.

Stress also causes you to sleep badly and not get the relaxation that you need. After all of this wear and tear, your body begins to break down. But, you may be asking yourself, how can an herbal massage help with such issues?

Studies have shown that massage is very helpful in coping with stress. It puts your body at ease, and it helps with the release of hormones. And when you ad the herbal remedies to it, it serves as good care for the skin. So, while you are releasing the hormones that are secreted by stress, your skin is receiving a treatment that serves as beneficial. This will contribute to a younger and healthier appearance.

Another reason this method is so great is that you can add any herbs you would like to the mix–whatever suits your circumstances. For example, should you not be feeling in such a good mood, you could prepare your regimen with some lemon grass. This is a great mood lifter. Fragrant flowers serve as a relaxer and a reliever of stress. The possibilities are endless.

So, the next time you are feeling stressed, why not make an herbal massage a part of your natural beauty regimen. You won’t regret it.